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We are excited for the launch of the new Total Results Keep Me Vivid Hair Care System this April 2019
— The TCR Team

Here at TCR we love to create great hair colour. You have just had your hair coloured some amazing shade of either a brunette, blonde, pastels, red, copper or one of Matrix’s mocha shades. How can you keep your beautiful, new hair colour from fading fast. There are number of factors that cause fast fade in hair colour but one of the most important aspects of hair colour fade is choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. Matrix has always provided the perfect shampoo and conditioner products that we can then recommend to you to keep your hair in its best possible condition. Total Results has the right shampoo and conditioner for everyone, be it Brass Off to keep your blondes turning brassy or The Re-Bond to fortify weakened hair. We are really excited that there is a new kid on the block! the new Keep Me Vivid collection.

Keep your high maintenance hair colour such as brunettes, blondes, pastels, reds, coppers, mochas and more lasting longer between colour services with the Total Results Keep Me Vivid Hair Care System. Here is a little bit of information on each new product in the new range.

The latest sulfate-free technology gently cleanses to maintain vibrancy of fast-fading hair colors. Craving a shampoo that keeps hair color in & the no-no's out? Keep Me Vivid Shampoo is the next generation SULFATE FREE technology that does it all. 

Key Benefits:

  • Next generation milky high-foam lather

  • Gently cleanses hair 

  • Maintains vibrancy of fast-fading colors

  • Helps combat hair color fading

  • Sulfate free

Acidic conditioner deeply nourishes colour-treated hair. Do you dream of a conditioner that is easily spreadable but doesn't leave a heavy coating? If so, Keep Me Vivid Conditioner is your new best friend. 

Key Benefits:

  • Deeply nourishes each strand without the weight

  • Glazing conditioner

  • Helps keep hair color sealed 

  • It's easily spreadable, yet not coating

  • Formula's acidity makes each strand shine brighter by smoothing the outside cuticle layer

Both the shampoo and conditioner have a fragrance that includes notes of vanilla, coconut, and cotton candy. Using this system, your hair colour can last for up to 21 washes and benefit from increased shine.

“A faster after-colour hair care routine to prolong colour with enhanced shine used at the salon and at home” - Matrix

There are two other products in the new Keep Me Vivid range. Scared of the dreaded faded hair color? Don't be! Seal in hair colour at home with Keep Me Vivid Color Lamination Spray by adding it to your hair care routine a few times a week.

And finally the new Velvety leave-in hair treatment with UV and heat protection is to be used prior to air-dry or blow-dry styling. Have you been wishing for a styling hair balm with smoothing capabilities and UV plus acts as a heat protectant? You're in luck! Keep Me Vivid Color Velvetizer leave-in treatment has a colour protecting UV filter and heat protecting qualities to prep your hair before air-dry or blow-dry styling. There is no stickiness, residue or coating and also includes a built in UV and heat protection.

All four of these products will be hitting our backbar and retail shelves this coming April!